Frequently Asked Questions

Join Now:
Click on 'join now' and you will see an enlistment structure, which will take not more than 2-3 minutes to top off. Only put on your informative content and consent to the terms and conditions and appreciate the different profits of being a study indicator part.
Not so much! You can select an Avatar, which is an imaginary picture to make a personality for yourself at Thusly you don't uncover you exceptional looks notwithstanding make a personality. Yet my buddy, provided that you transfer your genuine picture, your companions can find you all the more helpful. Thus, the decision is yours.
Click on 'add an Event' and sign in, the page showed will request a few parts well this may take a moment or two, so be patient. Only top of the right items and let individuals ponder the occasion you need to impart.
Select a Country Name and Date and you will get to see portions of occasions going to happen in that particular nation.
You can meet all your closest buddies, bunch mates and acquaintances in Institute Groups.
Go to 'College Groups' and click on 'Add an Institute', fill up the different portions of your college and make your own Institute Groups. Right away, you can spread the word around and your ex-classmates and faculty can join the group.
Go to 'My study signal Alerts' and there is a 'Create an Alert' bar under several alternatives listed like , Examination Form Alert, Scholarship Alert Course & College, and etc. Just click on it and make an alert.
Study Abroad:
The 'Study Abroad' section lets you sift through listings of different colleges in different countries. Click on the university / college you need to study in. Here, you can get all the data regarding Course Details, Accommodation and Other Details.
Click on 'browse by Categories' under 'study abroad' and choose the course of your decision. It will show postings of universities falling under that course class.
Just mark the user you do not want in your profile and then click on 'Delete' or 'Block User'.
Just click on 'Compose' and write the display name of the person to whom you want to send the message in the 'To' bar. Your message will land into his/her Inbox.
Ask & Answer:
It is super simple to pose a question on 'ask & Answer'. Only click on the 'Ask a New Question' bar and post your questions. You can likewise scan for inquiries from 'search Ask & Answer'.
You need to impart your knowledge. Generally welcome! Click on the inquiry, which you need to answer and it will assume the exchange page.
The moment you enroll yourself on, you get Bronze level focuses and the step heads off up from that point to Silver, Gold, and Diamond to the most noteworthy Platinum Level. These levels show how engaged you have been at
Accounts & Settings:
Just go to 'Accounts & Settings' and click on 'Edit' and change your display name.
In your 'Accounts & Settings' section, there is an alternative of editing city. Just click on Edit and get going.
Just go on 'Accounts & Settings' and click on 'Edit' under the 'Cell No.' I think someone has hacked my password. How can I change it? Click on 'Change Password' under 'My Accounts & Settings' and put your 'Current Password' and a 'New Password'.
Go on 'Accounts & Settings' section and under the 'Question & Answer' section you will find your query. From there you can Edit it, Delete it/ if you want, you can stop the discussion.
Go on 'Accounts & Settings' section and under the 'Question & Answer' section you will find your query. From there you can Edit it, Delete it/ if you want, you can stop the discussion.
Notifications :
It includes all the events happening all over the world. Just click on the event and it will display details regarding it.
It will keep you informed about the deadlines of important admission events like sale of forms, entrance examination of a particular college, submission of forms etc.
The 'Results' section will inform you about the date of the results of your school/college.