About Study Signal

studysignal.com powered by MicroPyramid is one stop search for all colleges India wide.With its strong backend and salient features offering to colleges and students it is growing at it's fullest.

Study Signal's user friendly interface makes it easy for students to sort out their dream colleges in a spark and apply directly . It also provides college publicity in the way the management wants and helps them in increasing their admission count. With over 3000 colleges and more getting on board studysignal.com is one of the fastest growing educational portal of it's platform.

Study Signal user can post a query about colleges in "Q & A" and the college directly answers the query, apart from this our experts can also answer the question which we think is more efficient as we can expect atleast one or more of them logged in almost all the time.

Studysignal.com also has an educational news portal which keeps the user familiar with what's happening in educational societies around him. Colleges also can avail the feature of posting news abut them directly keeping users alerted.

With continuous updates and improvised tools added each time we strive to make user experience better

About Micropyramid

Focusing on “Power of open source” as its corporate philosophy and brand commitment, MicroPyramid, a software technology company, has been engaged in building its core competence to create value for customers and society. We are devoted to bringing more value out of technology through implementation of series of strategies, including Software Development.MicroPyramid is dedicated to become a company that is well recognized and respected by employees, shareholders, customers, and society, and also a globally leading IT Solutions & Services provider through continuous organization & process optimization, leadership & employee competence development, as well as commitment to alliance & open innovation.